Dear patients, dear family members,

You approached the Central Emergency Department of the Zollernalb Klinikum Balingen because you have a health problem.

Physicians of various departments are in charge, together with specially trained nurses, and take care of emergency patients as well as patients that have an appointment for a consultation, an inpatient treatment or a radiological examination. The department has more than 62,000 patient contacts a year.
All diagnostic and therapeutic steps can be performed centrally in our department. Despite the sometimes high inflow of patients, we strive to keep the waiting times short and give you comprehensive and competent medical care.

Time is an important factor in emergency care!
A few minutes are often critical in life-and-death situations.

Periods of congestion are not always predictable, despite the best planning.

With a high inflow of new patients, we prioritize according to the urgency of the patient problem and not according to the order of arrival.

Emergency cases have absolute priority!

Please understand that in “peak situations" longer waiting times must be taken into account. These are usually lunchtime, early evening, Wednesday afternoons, holidays or weekends, including times when the regular doctors’ offices are closed.

The Central Emergency Department can not and should not replace the regular doctor office.

There is always a general practitioner on call, in case you need one.

Nevertheless, we will treat all persons who come to us for help.

We can treat childhood injuries and broken bones from the age of three, even younger children in particular cases. In all other cases, please understand that, after examination and initial treatment, we have to refer your child to one of the nearest children's hospitals (e.g., University Children's Hospital of Tübingen)

If necessary, we will take care of the transport of the patient and contact with the hospital.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions!

The emergency room team wishes you a speedy recovery!



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